• S&H, Fees, Taxes information

    • We are a small business run out of Southwestern Ontario, Canada. We aim to streamline all production while maintaining our high-quality standard to maximize each program’s potential return.  Our shipping fees and tax costs are built into the production cost portion of each calendar’s cost.  We base this portion on the rates provided by Canada Post.

  • Pricing format

    • Our pricing breaks down the same way across the board, though weighting may differ slightly (depending on program funding format):

      • Production Cost

      • Shipping

      • Packaging, taxes, handling fees

      • Donation


  • Return/Exchange Policy

    • Each product available in our Store is connected to a cause.  Included in EACH item’s cost is a donation made to the corresponding cause. In this spirit of giving we cannot ask the cause or charity to refund a donation and thus, there is a strict NO RETURN policy with TCF.  We ensure you that we only deal in high quality merchandize and print and stand by what we put out. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to find a non-monetary resolution.

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